5 Tips on Choosing an Internet Service Provider

5 Tips on Choosing an Internet Service Provider

Nowadays internet is very important for any business to run effectively.  The speed and quality of your internet determines how your business will perform.  Poor internet connection and performance affects many services in a business.  Services like cloud email, cloud storage, cloud hosting, among others all depends on internet quality and speed.  Looking for the best internet service provider(ISP) is important and very critical, but before that, you have to look at your budget and business needs.  Now let look at 5 tips you must consider before deciding on the type of internet service provider you choose to use in your business.

1. Connection type

There are many internet connection type available,but let now look at some of the options available.


Is the most common option for many business because it is cheap and usually uses the already existing telephone lines for your digital data transmission.The performance of DSL depends highly on the ISP exchange and your location.DSL connection speed reaches to approximately 15 Mbps.  Here are the different internet connections explained.


This type of technology is usually more expensive compared to DSL.  The cable connects the TV and your phones.  The internet speed varies from 1.5 Mbps to about 100 Mbps.

Fiber Optic

This connection type usually transmits internet longer distances and has higher bandwidth than cable connection and DSL connection. The average speed for this type of connection is approximately 200 Mbps.

2. Speed

Your business needs will determine the type of internet speed you choose. In order to determine the right internet for your business, consider the usage needs and the number of users in your business. For instance,file download and video streaming will use more internet bundle.

3. Storage space and number of email accounts.

Some internet providers offer storage space.  You should also consider the webmail offered by each ISP,based on different accounts, email and mailbox. You can decide to use your company domain name or get one from the internet provider.

4.Type of equipment you need to install the internet.

Each ISP provide different hardware. Some service provider will give a gateway,and it will contain router which has firewall protection, Ethernet ports or a inbuilt router.Others will provide only a modem and nothing more.

5. Internet security and support from the provider

Check on the type of virus and spam protection software and backup provided by each ISP before making conclusion on which is the best for your home or business needs.  Also consider other services like websites hosting. Some providers offer website space for free,while others charge a fee for the same.  Lastly, check on after installation services offered by each company. Some service providers will give free check on your internet for a guaranteed period of time,while charges for the same.

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